We focus on areas with the potential for high-impact, sustainable solutions that can reach hundreds of millions of people. We work closely with our partners to support innovative approaches and expand existing ones so they reach the people who need them most.  
Improvements in agriculture help people in poverty improve their lives. 
When small farmers are able to get more out of their land and labor, their families eat better, earn more money, and lead healthier lives. In Asia especially in Indonesia, improvements in rice and wheat crops several decades ago doubled yields, saved hundreds of millions of lives, and contributed to long-term economic growth. This “Green Revolution” showed it is possible to reduce hunger and poverty on a large scale but demonstrated the importance of focusing on the environment and the needs of small farmers. 
Financial Services for the Poor 
Everyone needs ways to manage money—especially people with little to spare. Poor households with access to savings accounts and other basic financial services can manage unexpected events, invest in opportunities like education, and build financial security.
In 2016, there will be additional value of total investment in the humanitarian field, especially in the field of health in developing countries by establishing Properties, food program,  Health Facilities, public technologies and public economic development in the region 
Aria Property Indonesia during the period of early 2016 plans to launch investment reaches 2.5 billion USD and will continue to grow until it reaches 15 billion USD in the period of 2020. The investment value is divided into two parts type of investment, grants for humanitarian projects and soft loans for commercial projects. 
On the humanitarian project, we will be more focus on community health projects and economic development, especially economic development in developing countries. For public health project, Global trustee will be more focus on the Global Fund projects in order to overcome the disease of HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria