We Produce 

1.  Black Rice
2   Red Rice
3.  Menthik Susu
4.  Mentik Wangi
5.  Mix Black Rice
6.  Mix Red Rice
7.  Mix Rice 
8.. Premium Rice

 NUTRITION’S FACT & Benefits for Health:

ANTHOCYANINS contained in it’s color-pigment. It may help preventing the build-up of plaques in the arteries which is  capable of lowering the risk of heart attack, hypertension and inflammation. Even better, it may more help to reduce blood levels of bad-cholesterol which is low-density lipoprotein (LDL) than any other food supplement available today. 
ANTIOXIDANTS helping individuals flush out body wastes on a regular basis. 
VITAMIN E, MINERAL (Fe) essential for memory enhancement, strengthened immune system, allergies and cancers prevention. 
Low GLUCOSE & Low CALORIES safe for diabetics, prevent diabetes, ideal food for diet. It easily makes feel full while  being assured of low calories contents. Despite this, black rice still contains sufficient carbohydrates to fuel for the rest of  the day. 
FIBER is a type of carbohydrates our body cannot digest, and may be best known for its ability to help improve bowel  function and prevent constipation . Black rice contains almost twice the fiber content of other variety or unpolished white rice