Brand Essence 
Service Excellence: 

Aria Energy has consolidated all its affiliates and subsidiary companies to become an integrated energy group. 
Aria Energy currently exploring opportunities in the sector: 
Refinery and Petro Chemical Development. 
Crude Oil trading. 
Oil Products Sales & Distributions. 
Bunkering & Services. 
Gas Development and Distributions. 
Renewable energy 
Energy Investment
Renewal. Energy  
Gas Terminal
At AEIC, we take service delivery 
to the highest level. So when we 
say our service is unmatched we 
mean every word of it. 

Performance Driven: 
Our drive for excellence derives from a deeply rooted passion to succeed in a highly competitive market. 
Consistent Quality Experience: 
We never compromise quality customer service. 
Dynamic & Progressive: 
We adopt a fresh, bold approach to doing things. If it means going against convention in order to satisfy our customers, we will readily roll up our sleeves to deliver. 
Proudly Indonesian: 
We are proud of our Indonesian heritage. As citizens of Indonesia we are challenged to set standards that should become the benchmark for the ASEAN Countries. This translates to creating new business opportunities that will bring development to ASEAN Countries.
Aria Energy has long-standing relationships with its main suppliers, most of which are located worldwide. 
We are looking for synergies with companies that fit somewhere in our value chain, companies that enable us to dilute our infrastructure costs, or enable new possibilities 
Aria Energy has a strong tradition of environmental and safety performance, embodied in the Responsible Care programmed, which requires companies to continuously improve health, safety and