We. work along with a few big companies in invesment area in the world. Our company interest to inculcate the invesment in some areas of effort, such as constructions, real estate, mining and commerce. In effort joining in to improvement of people economics , we also open the partner with middle and small entrepreneur to cooperate with us to work together as equal partner. This objective is often implemented with the constitution of non-profit juridical persons, including foundations and ONGs that are designed in according to create a better world

A diverse knowledge base at the management level enables Aria Indonesia to concentrate on a variety of business fields. This includes forward-looking market sectors such as development and sales in the view business area, a key component of an advanced computer and communications society, as well as participation in the real estate sector. Recognizing development and industry trends, targeted investment in profitable business segments and achieving sustainable growth: these are Aria Indonesia strengths, thanks to solid experience and expertise in our home markets

1. Investment  
2. Manufacture  
3. Automotive  
4. Property  
5. Oil & Gas  
6. Minning
  7. Construction  
  8. Industrial  
  9. Hotel & Apartment  
10. Telecommunication  
11. Technology  
12. Defence and Space
13. Supermarket 
14. Trading 
15. Health Medical Insurance  
16. Humanitarian Services 
17. Education Centre 
18. International Finance an Law
Global Trust operate a grant programme specifically to help small and medium-sized charities, awarding both cash and our experts’ consultancy time to help these charities build their capacity. Our two grant streams, the Consultancy and Training Fund and the Collaborative Fund, are funded in part with money from our trustees – but we also need the support of individual donors like you to build our grantmaking capacity. Or you could focus your donation on any of the following areas: 
* children and youth 
* the elderly 
* development, housing and employment 
* social welfare (including poverty relief) 
* arts, culture, heritage, sports and recreation (including humanities) 
* ethnic minority groups 
* medicine and health 
* education and training 
* religion 
* international 
* environment and animals 
* science and technology 
* disasters and emergencies